“This virtual life would have the same effect as drugs, ‘This is a place where one floats in a surreal environment, where one suspends judgment, where one abdicates his personality’.”
Benjamin Barber, Jihad vs. McWorld, 1995.

In a society of immediacy, where profusion ousts understanding, where the literal images conveyed at the speed of light replace the abstraction of language, the splitting of the ego is darkening.
More relevant than ever, social networks pervade our daily lives and encourage us, not without backlash, to live more virtually than in the real world. To project ourselves.
“Where am I” is the catharsis of my anxieties, the symptoms of an introspection and the pain that accompanies it. I'm fascinated by the incredible ambiguity of human beings: the capacity we have to be and seem.
It is in this darkness that I cling to the light and its power, the only things still visible that catch my eye and keeps me away from my pessimism.
This series of images does not claim to find a cure for this alienation but explores the “no man’s land” of our world. It is the imaged materialization of my inner conflicts.
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